March 2017:

Welcome to the placeholder for my fledgling web presence!

Yes, it's ugly. I hacked this together with some community college know-how. The future will be much better.

No, this isn't a blog. I will forever refuse to call it that, preferring the word "repository". I made this site to act as said repository for the all of the creative outflowings that I have.

Professionally, I have rigged stage lighting and sets, flipped burgers, maintained military aircraft, bled all over diesel engines and smithed the Hell out of some locks. I have done all those things unprofessionally as well, however this site is dedicated more to the things I love doing: writing, programming, electronics, woodworking, graphic design, just making things and tinkering. I want to leave my mark on the world and this tiny little unfashionable corner of the internet is going to help me do it.

I don't know when or really even what is going be showcased here, but things will happen. Stay tuned.